Juan Diego House first opened its doors in August 2003.


The initial house was the original convent of St. Anthony of Padua Church, Gardena.

In 2009, due to an increase in seminarians two other houses (Vianney House and Serra House) were obtained to house the men.


Serra House served as housing for two men and held our kitchen and dining room, while Vianney House housed 2 men and added more common room space.


As the numbers of seminarians increased and the program expanded, a duplex was obtained 2010 (John Paul II House) and eventually converted to house six men with a common space.


In 2011-2012 Magallanes Room was added which served as a formation room/library and also gave an additional office for meetings for spiritual direction and formation advisement.


In 2013 two more additions took place. Aquinas House and Apartment was added that gave 5 more additional living spaces.  Also, a larger meeting room (Magallanes II) was added for classes and meetings allowing Magallanes I to be used as a library and study room.

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